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After a decade of litigating against each other, David Kamps and Jocelyn Stotts joined together to combine their talents and create a boutique litigation law firm in the rising downtown commercial district.  With David’s diversified background in plaintiff’s work, domestic relations, and criminal law, he dedicates his trial experience in front of judge and jury to securing the best results for his clients.  Jocelyn continues to focus her practice in family law and encourages the use of the collaborative process as an alternative to high-cost, high-conflict litigation but also has more than a decade of experience taking cases from emergency and temporary orders to bench trials and through the appellate process.

Victor Richardson joined David and Jocelyn in May 2017 as an associate attorney primarily handling family law and civil matters at both trial and appellate levels and estate planning. Bianca Garcia joined David and Jocelyn in October 2018 as an associate attorney primarily handling family law matters at both trial and appeal levels.

Kamps & Stotts, PLLC, sits in the heart of the financial quarter of downtown Little Rock.  David and Jocelyn share a passion for history and architecture, and they are proud to be restoring the sixth floor of Centre Place as close to the original space as possible while having the amenities of the twenty-first century.


  • Civil Litigation

  • Criminal Law

  • DWIs and DUIs

  • Estate Planning

  • Probate

  • Appellate Practice

  • Collaborative Law

  • Mediation

  • Family Law and Domestic Relations

    • Divorce

    • Separate Maintenance

    • Legal Separation

    • Annulment

    • Property Division

    • Alimony

    • Custody and Visitation

    • Child Support

    • Reconciliation Agreements

    • Separation Agreements

    • Pre-Marital and Post-Nuptial Agreements

    • Enforcement of Decrees, Orders and Agreements

    • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

    • Adoptions

    • Guardianships

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After more than a dozen years of family law litigation and half a dozen years of practicing collaborative law, Jocelyn expanded her practice area to include general and family law mediation.  While she enjoys the competition of her litigation practice and strongly believes in the goal-based process of collaboration, she finds value in mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process in which a neutral third party facilitates effective communication between adversarial parties in an effort to reach a mutually agreed upon resolution.

Mediation allows parties to address the intimate issues of their lives in a private, constructive environment without the limitations and stressors of litigation.  As a mediator, Jocelyn is able to combine her years of experience working with clients entrenched in family disputes with her years of experience guiding clients through the collaborative process.  This background allows her to help individuals constructively address conflicting positions and move towards the goal of tailoring an agreement to address each party’s individual needs and desires.

Jocelyn believes mediator should promote dialogue between the parties while helping them develop solutions that may be well outside the realm of what our judicial system can offer.  A successful mediation not only resolves the immediate issues but also should serve as a springboard for these individuals to begin to communicate in a healthy, respectful manner.  It is her hope that they can take away some lessons from the mediation process which are ultimately invaluable to them and their families as they encounter and address future disagreements, and she is excited to be offering her services as a Certified Mediator for Arkansas Circuit Courts in the Domestic Relations Division by the Arkansas Alternative Dispute Resolution Commission to aid in this process.





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